Ancient Egypt Magazine - June/July 2009: The Mosque of Abu Hagag, Dental Health & Dentistry in Ancient Egypt, KV-63 Update: 2009 Seaso, Egypt Exploration Society and The Delta Survey, The Open Air Museum at Karnak Temple, and Tutankhamun’s Headrests.
Ancient Egypt Magazine - June/July 2009
Ancient Egypt Magazine - June/July 2009

Ancient Egypt Magazine - June/July 2009

The latest volume features articles on The Mosque of Abu Hagag - AE reports on the completed restoration of the mosque in the heart of the Temple of Luxor.  Roger Forshaw looks at Dental Health & Dentistry in Ancient Egypt and how the ancient Egyptians cared (or failed to care) for their teeth.  Roxanne Wilson fifth article on KV-63 with the latest news on the tomb’s fascinating contents.

In the third of a series of articles on the work of the Egypt Exploration Society, Dr. Penny Wilson looks at the work of The Delta Survey.  The Open Air Museum at Karnak Temple - A brief look at a part of the Temple often missed by tourists. Jan Summers Duffy describes the unique set of headrests discovered in Tutankhamun’s Tomb, some of which he may have used in life.  As well as the usual Egyptology News, Book Reviews and events.

Ancient Egypt Magazine - Britain's only dedicated Egyptology magazine. The magazine features articles and book reviews on all aspects of Ancient Egyptian History, People and Culture of the Nile Vallery. The magazine is published 6 times per year.

Robert Partridge is the Editor, he lectures for the University of Manchester, runs the Ancient Egypt Picture Library and is the author and publisher of several books on Ancient Egypt. He is Chairman of the Manchester Ancient Egypt Society. The Consultant Editor is Professor Rosalie David OBE, she is Director of the KNH Centre for Biomedical and Forensic Studies in Egyptology at the University of Manchester. She is also Director of the Certificate in Egyptology and the UK’s first woman professor in the subject, with many publications and TV appearances to her name.

Ancient Egypt Magazine - Jun/Jul 2009
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